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Hanna B. Collections

Creating Wearable art for everyone's inner character. Designing, making, altering...We do it all! Whatever brings out your fun & funky side. 

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Curated Collections

Handpicked creations to bring a little sparkle to your day!


About Hanna B. Designs

Hanna B. Designs creates pieces to bring out your inner character. The name “Hanna B” comes from a nickname my grandpa gave me comparing me and my over-the-top theatrics to one of the original Old Hollywood actress, Sarah Bernhardt. From then on my path was set. From playing dress up to costume designing for me it all starts with character. 
Everyone can be anyone! Who do you want to be today? I love fabric with personality and creating pieces with instant visual impact. I am passionate about the outrageous and hope my designs will add a little jazz & joy to your wardrobe.

Hanna B. Life

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