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Everything You Need to Know

Hanna B. Designs are predominately handmade. Every single piece has its own  special uniqueness.  Every work is going to have its own little quirk, which is kind of our point. We want to make sure you have a joyful shopping experience so please let us know what we can do to facilitate that.

Return Policy 

Hanna B. Designs accepts returns up to 20 days after purchase. Buyer pays for shipping but will receive a full reimbursement of the item. 

Shipping Policy

Hanna B. Designs is not responsible for condition of item after packaging. However, we want to ensure your purchase arrives just as beautifully as it was packed. Please contact us if your item arrives damaged, with pictures when it arrives, to receive a refund. 


Hanna B. Designs is not liable for allergic reactions to fabric or metals used in the making of the products. If the buyer has a question about a specific item they are encouraged to contact Hanna B. Designs for further information.

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