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B. Your Inner Character

The "B. Your Inner Character" collection was inspired by my costume design background. Studying people, analyzing what they wear and why has always been a large part of my process. This has bled into my approach to fashion as well. Be your inner character. What does that mean?

Your inner character can be whoever you want it to be. We all have many facets about us. I myself can go from quirky best friend in an indie film, vintage starlet, muppet, river rat and back again. There are so many elements within us that culminate in who we are. This all affects how we dress. How we engage with the world. Who we want to be and how are we being perceived.

Be your inner character. Be whoever you want to be today. Be joyful. Be angry. Be urban. Be rustic. Be simple. Be complicated.

Be outrageous. Be subdued. Be engaging. Be reclusive.

Be yourself. Be somebody else.

B. Your Inner Character.

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