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I was speaking with my brother the other day and he asked me a simple question. Do you have any advice for starting a business? My response was to just start. Just start.

It may be messy. You might be wrong. It could be an ugly projected mess of all your insecurities. But just start.

I learned something that helped me reframe my way of thinking around 'just starting" while I was studying in New Zealand. It was around the idea of "testing." Now, I know this is not a new concept (particularly for anyone who is scientifically driven) but for me it was like a door was opened. Testing in the arts.

Testing. Put something on. Show your work. Gage reactions. Modify. Adapt. Continue. The idea of sharing your process. Allowing people to see into your mind, take a walk, leave a note and continue. To be less precious and more open with your work and the way you work.

Testing. Just start.

So, this is a test. This is a start.

I'm going to use the tool of blogging to test tracking what I learn and how I develop and grow as an artist and a maker. It will be messy, wrong and occasionally an ugly projected mess of my insecurities, but shit, I am going to have a lot of fun!

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